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Student Experience – Group Membership for Corporate Trainees

Remember when you set up pricing for your course, and enabled “Seat Based Pricing” for your students to invite more people to join in for your course? This feature of ours fits in perfectly for SMEs and corporates that want to circulate one course across their whole team/division by purchasing just one unit of the said course. You, as the course owner, obviously set up the price to be in accordance with how many people can join in.

So, say, your course has been bought by a corporate company that wants to circulate it across a team of 10 members in their office. This corporate company, obviously, signed up for the course on your school, placed the order for this course, and received their access details in their inbox.

Soon enough, they reach their own Students’ Area, and from there, they can start inviting their team members to access this course that was just bought for them.

All they have to do is click on “Invite” from the left-hand side user menu as seen in the following screenshot:

The next step? They start entering the emails of their team members under the “Invite Form” list. From the drop-down field below it, they select the course they want to invite them to.

As soon as they click on the “Invite” button at the bottom, the system will trigger an email to all the invitees that contains their login instructions. And, just like the original student, their team members can also start accessing the same course by logging in by clicking on the “Login” button right on top-right of the school.

Secondly, the Enrollments tab (as seen in the above screenshot) tracks and maintains a list of all the members that have enrolled for the courses they’ve purchased as a result of this student’s invite.

And just like that, the group membership for your course has begun! If your course caters to corporates, there’s nothing better than to put up a hefty price tag on your course, and circulate it across companies that you think might benefit from this.

A note before we go: Many corporate trainers have utilized our Single-Sign-On feature to let all of their students sign in using one set of credentials. To get this enabled for your school, contact our support team and they’ll walk you through the process.

Updated on October 22, 2020

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