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How to Run your CoachRack School on your Own Domain

What’s the point of starting your own online school if you can’t give it your own brand name? Every digital creator deserves that, don’t they? In CoachRack, changing the default site URL – yourschoolname.school.invanto.com – is a supremely easy process. Just keep a custom domain handy, and that’s pretty much all we need from your side.

So, say, you’ve registered a custom domain on a domain registrar and web hosting company. Now, all you need to do is, map the default school site you’ve just created to that new domain, and you’re set!

Allow us to show you just how simple this process really is. As in the previous tutorials, we’ll take our dummy school – The Sound of Music – as an example.

We start by selecting Domain Mapping from the More drop-down menu on our CoachRack sales dashboard.

Clicked? Here we are on the Domain Mapping screen:

In this field, we add the domain we’d like to replace our CoachRack school site’s default url (thsoundofmusic.school.invanto.com) with.

Say, you’ve bought and registered a domain by the name which has no mention of CoachRack. So, all you need to do is, enter that domain here in the field, and click on the green Verify & Save button.

What’s in a CNAME?

In case you haven’t created a CNAME record for your site in your domain settings, do it right away or you won’t be able to proceed with the mapping. It should take up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate changes on the Internet.

Once it’s done, you’ll be able to Verify and Save your domain here, and successfully map it to CoachRack instantly. 

Now that you’ve successfully verified and saved your domain on this page, our efficient system will automatically issue and install an SSL certificate for your domain within 24 hours. The next thing you know, your brand new site will be accessible using a secure protocol https.

Reissue or Reset domain: Want to reissue an expired SSL certificate? You can do so by clicking on the Reissue button. Once you do so, the system will issue a brand new certificate within 24 hours, and your school site will again start running on the same secure https protocol.

Should you wish to reset your domain to the default site URL of your school, simply hit Reset, and it’ll go back to the original.

It’s really this simple to start running your CoachRack school on your own domain! So, book a personal domain right away, and follow the afore-mentioned steps to personalize your journey. In case of any hiccups, reach out to our support heroes, as always.

Updated on October 22, 2020

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