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  • Hello Sandra,

    At moment we dont have an API for the platform.

    But developing such feature is already in our roadmap and we will see if we can take this up asap, though I cannot assure you about the timeframe.


  • Hello John,

    It seems like Deep has already responded to your same query on our FB group.

    Here’s the link :


  • Hello Steve,

    I have already added this to feature request list and we will see if we can take this up asap!

    I appreciate your feedback 🙂


  • Hello Demian,


    That’s really Strange !

    As conveyed by Deep earlier, this seems to be exception. We are followed up on each and every query / ticket you raised and gave timely response within 12-24 hrs.

    I t […]

  • Hello Demian,

    Yes we do have such feature in our roadmap, as we have it in our Feature Development list.

    It’s really hard to give you exact timeframe of above feature, as it may take couple of months !

    Hope […]

  • At moment we dont have such feature to customize the Site Image of any site created under MemberFactory app, but such feature is already in our roadmap and soon we will be coming out with such feature !


  • At moment we dont have our own affiliate program, and soon we are coming up with our very own affiliate module i.e JVCity.

    Meanwhile you may achieve the above scenario using JVZoo integration, as MemberFactory do […]

  • Hello Clark,

    Pardon me, but we dont have Coupon feature available yet.
    Developing such feature is already in our roadmap , as we will try to bring out the feature as soon as possible !!

    I appreciate your patience 🙂

  • Hello Victor,

    I apologize for the delayed response !!

    I already replied you on Support. here’s the response :

    “Its automatically created when you create any membership plan inside your admin panel. For more […]

  • Hello Guido,

    You may edit your Checkout pages using Checkout Designer  ( More Tab  Checkout Designer ) as per your requirements 🙂

    Soon we are coming up with new Language Manager feature where you may edit/ […]

  • Deep posted an Awesome answer in our FB group !!

    [#MemberFactory VS. #CoachRack]
    MemberFactory is suitable for building one course style membership areas (with drip, or not), and when you want to charge a […]

  • Hello Laura,

    We have now made the Drip feature on Category based. Now please clicking on Category inside your Content tab and now you can st up Drip on Category level !!

    Hope this helps !!

  • Power Editor is working fine with MemberFactory.

    Please lemme know where exactly you’re facing the issue by creating a support request on Intercomm ( i.e Small Messenger Icon on bottom right inside you’re admin […]

  • Hello Kevin,

    If you’re little tech savvy, you can easily do it using Power Editor ( More tab Power Editor )

    All you need to do is, open progress.html.twig partial file and make necessary changes 🙂

    If you […]

  • 1  FreshMember was built with Mark Thompson in partnership. So FreshMember and MemberFactory were same until recently. Now here on, FreshMember will be maintained by Mark and will use our old platform and Invanto […]

  • Hello Clark,

    I assume you wish to add staff in your membership site, if yes then we have Staff management feature where you may add site staff.

    It allows you to create the “Site Staff” so that you may create me […]

  • Hello Clark,
    We handle your 100% hosting and as you might aware, we use Amazon Web Services. It means your site will be protected and monitored 24/7.
    Meanwhile, you can focus on your core business and leave […]

  • Hello Charles,

    Developing such feature is already in our roadmap, as we understand that developing such feature will add great flair to your membership site and members consistency will also improve !!

    I […]

  • Hello Michael,

    You may map any extensions to front-end of your site. Please if CNAME entry is created in correct way, else simply provide us your Domain registrar login details and we will quickly map it for […]

  • Hello Adriel,

    ThriveCart is already in our roadmap an we will try to bring as soon as possible 🙂

    I appreciate your patience !!


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