• Jaclyn Holzman replied to the topic Automatically Post Content Via IFTTT or Zapier in the forum MemberFactory 6 months, 1 week ago

    Deep, Thank you for the swift reply. You really are Mr. Service. Let me state this another way: what I want to do can be accomplished via APIs and I can’t find where those are for MemberFactory.

    You asked about usage. Let’s say my membership “club” is for left-handed, vegetarian nuns. I can use IFTTT or Zapier to monitor all major news sources, facebook pages and Twitter and when it finds something that relates to left-handed, vegetarian nuns can automatically post it so we are CONSTANTLY keeping them in the loop via MemberFactory.

    Also if you offer an RSS option of posts, I can send a digest to my members everyday via RSS or RSS-to-Email. Since the content is being automatically updated and they are getting that information via email everyday, I believe it improves the value and increases their involvement.

    I think MemberFactory is a $1 million proposition. And the more automated it is the more revenue and PROFIT that can be generated. Especially if one wants to FLIP membership sites. If they are LOADED with content, that’s much easier to do.