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What’s the difference between Coach Rack and MemberFactory?


I’m not understanding when to use MemberFactory and when to use CoachRack. It seems like MemberFactory and CoachRack are the same thing?

What am I missing.  Please and thank you.



Siddharth Aklujkar answered

    yes I would like to know also When I bought access to member Factory I was under the impression i was buying a course builder with quiz section, now i see coachrack ?

    kenrick dell answered

      Deep posted an Awesome answer in our FB group !!

      [#MemberFactory VS. #CoachRack]
      MemberFactory is suitable for building one course style membership areas (with drip, or not), and when you want to charge a subscription fee. This is a typical model where you have a great sales page selling one course, and then buyer get access to a membership area to access your course.

      CoachRack is suitable if you have a truckload of courses, and want to adapt a store model like or, where courses are sold with one time price and students get access to courses, quizzes, and can even download certificates.

      Think MemberFactory as 1 Course = 1 Website… and CoachRack as Multiple Courses = 1 Website. This concept will keep things simple and easy for you, and will force you to think “course & strategy wise”…which is how you should be thinking

      And soon, we will be releasing a converter which will allow you to convert your MemberFactory sites into CoachRack courses, and vice-versa…so that you can reuse your content in multiple formats with just a click of a button.

      Siddharth Aklujkar answered


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