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unified and consolidated support desk?


Hi, over time I had very inconsistent experiences with support. Sometimes very fast and helpful, sometimes days up to weeks without any response. This gives me an unsecure sensation moving forward on what support is concerned.

It also does not help that there are 2 channels for support. One via intercom on, and another on help.invanto (here). Sometimes on intercom the response time was very fast and sometimes the system would say “2 weeks ago, not seen yet”. (Does this mean that on the back end there is no way to track open questions?)

Also the fact that after submitting a ticket on help.invanto I get no confirmation via email that the ticket was actually opened does not feel very comforting.

So I have two questions:
1. Is there actually sufficient support staff?

2. Would it be possible to unify and consolidate the user experience with support, so it feels like a reliable system where the follow up is easy and straight forward?




    Demian – on intercom, all the questions related to billing, general support etc. are handled. For any feature suggestions, technical support etc. we recommend posting here. This help center is accessible from inside admin area, so it is very much unified with the rest of the things, and same user account works.

    Further, there is no ticket in intercom from you which is unseen for 2 weeks. I did notice messages from your on Skype though. And we do not offer Skype support unless conversation is scheduled and planned.

    I also noticed that you have opened a support ticket which has been responded in less than 24 hours.

    Deep Arora answered

      Hi Deep, yes, sometimes support is fast and good. And sometimes it looked inconsistent to me and leaving room for improvement. I tend to try to continue the conversation where it started. Thats why I posted on skype in continuation of the chat we had there. (Could not know that it would receive no follow up there).

      You say that on intercom there is no ticket unseen for 2 weeks. Not in order to be self righteous but in order to help to clear things up I post a screenshot showing how it looks from the front end. Maybe support just needs to communicate more clearly which channel is for what.

      Thanks, Demian

      Demian answered

        Here goes the screenshot of intercom 2 weeks not seen:

        Demian answered

          Demian, if this happens again, do bring this my notice friend. This is an exception it seems, but it should not happen. So let me know if something like this happens.

          Deep Arora answered

            Hi Deep, I donĀ“t know how the back end of intercom works. Maybe they only track a post as “seen”, when a ticket is actually opened (and answered)? The “not seen yet” tag that I showed on the screenshot is not an exception and yes, it makes one question whether this is actually monitored closely.

            Here another example:



            Demian answered


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