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Site Set Up for Multiple Course


I’m new here and am so excited to have found this platform. My membership site will have multiple products that people can purchase individually. I guess you call that a level. I want my members to be able to see everything that they’ve purchased in one dashboard and I would like to be able to promote other programs to them via banner ads etc within the member dashboard.


So my question:¬† When I set up my store is it set up to handle multiple products in one dashboard. I don’t see any video training’s and the documentation just tells you to go through the wizard without really explaining the big picture. I’m not sure if I name my site by the product or if I give it a name for the whole theme of the site.

Can I get clarification on this.


Thank you

Deep Arora answered

    Hi Kate, Angela РWith our new RewardBurst app, you will be able to set up point-based digital stores right inside your membership sites and schools. It will be made available this week. So stay tuned.

    Deep Arora answered

      I have the same question!

      Angela Fitch answered


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