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MemberFactory Forum?


I have two questions.


  1.  Has FreshMember changed to MemberFactory?  I’ve had trouble logging in the last several days and when I was finally able to earlier today, I noticed it had changed.  I’m a bit confused about it.
  2. I’ve seen a couple of people ask about a forum feature to be included in MemberFactory/FreshMember so that our customers can communicate ideas with each other.  Any update as to when that would be integrated?


Siddharth Aklujkar answered

    1 >> FreshMember was built with Mark Thompson in partnership. So FreshMember and MemberFactory were same until recently. Now here on, FreshMember will be maintained by Mark and will use our old platform and Invanto is heading in a different direction. Hope this makes sense.
    We just gave Digital Kickstart the old codebase. All old FM users will have access to BOTH FreshMember and Invanto. So, nothing to worry here !! will remain what it is now. If you can login from then your account will not be disturbed at all !!

    2 >> Forum feature is already in our roadmap i.e SocialBreeder ( New upcoming module under Invanto platform ). We will keep you posted regarding the updates on this one 🙂

    Siddharth Aklujkar answered


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