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Give us a Dashboard Page so clients can see and be encouraged to buy other products


When a client logs in I’d love for them to go to a dashboard of my products (Ive attached an example of one I have in WordPress). One this page you would allow the other products to be dimmed and with a lock or something subtle over the top. If they click on it (maybe a mouse over encouraging them to investigate) I can redirect them to a sales page or one time offer. Keep the good stuff coming guys!

Ed Ferrigan answered

    So in a way, you want to show a page inside your membership site, that lists down all other membership site of yours, and clicking them will take user to their sales page?

    I guess, a nice feature…and easily doable.

    Deep Arora answered

      Yes that would be great

      Good idea Ed!

      Jeremy Boone answered

        Great idea! I think this would be super for a page each member of any of the courses would land on, and then have to choose the course they want to attend. That way they would always see the other courses that are available too.

        PaulR1 answered

          I was just coming on here to make this request! Obviously I was late to the party 🙂

          Danny Fortes answered

            Guys – this is already delivered… 🙂

            On your site details page, simply enter a sales page URL of your site, and then in your front-end membership site, a menu will appear as “Other Products” which shows a page like this.

            Did;t you check it yet 🙂

            Deep Arora answered


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