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[Solved] Would like the forum back


Liked having the forum back from the previous version with one exception. That we can configure it to only be for people who are in a certain membership not all.

Nathan Gutierrez answered

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    Ed, forum will be back as part of the support suite that we are building (AgentRiver).

    Deep Arora selected as best answer

      Cool! What does support suite mean?

      Ed Ferrigan answered

        Support suite means a module to let you offer ticket based support to your customers and create Q&A boards (like this one), and build knowledge bases.

        Deep Arora answered

          Awesome!  Any idea as to when AgentRiver will be launched?

          Jeremy Boone answered

            I’m new to FreshMember and wanted to know if the ability to create Q & A forums for our sites will be back up again soon.  I want to create a site that allows for members to communicate with each other on a community board.

            Nathan Gutierrez answered


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