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I have been blown away by the level of support and commitment the Invanto team has given to this platform. I have used many software products, many of which claimed that ongoing support and updates were their priority up front. Time and time again, they communicated for a while, made a few updates to the software and then… Crickets! Deep and Sid are outstanding! They don’t stop until any confusion is cleared up and they are constantly working to make this platform the best! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the future of Invanto.

Janeiro Blackmon
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I really love Invanto. The team is awesome and easy to work with. I also really love the great apps we get to work with for a very affordable price. I like that everything can happen inside the platform so I don’t have to only bill through PayPal. There are also constant improvements which make it better each time!

Invanto guys are very special. Their stuff is always one step ahead. Furthermore, I thank all the staff for their great support always on time 24 per day. All people interested in simple and reliable staff can count on them. Thanks a lot

Guido Battaglia
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The support is very great. I get very quick help via chat. At the moment I´m translating the language manager into German and got every help I needed. This is a very good product and the support is very good.

Wilfried Bechtle
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I have to say that I have been really impressed with Deep and the Invanto team on so many levels. The platform is just awesome and is set to become a HUGE time saver for me in my business. I’m particularly looking forward to the Agency app getting up and running. Well done for a fabulous product suite so far. I’m very excited about the possibilities of where things can go with Invanto. Great job guys!

Nikoletta Stamatatos
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The Invanto platform is amazing. MemberFactory is a brilliant app for membership sites. CoachRack is the ideal app for online courses. Both apps (and more are coming) are very easy to use. Very flexible and many options to make your websites outstanding quality.

The hosting of the content is probably the best I have seen so far, no issues here with loading time and no delays in HD video presentations.

One important thing about videos is that you can use many ways to show video content to your customers. You can embed, you can upload from your computer, you can use links to youtube and other video platforms. This flexibility is extremely important. The customer support is awesome, my rate is 20 out of 10. Fast, reliable, clear answers, direct help if needed. The developers keep adding new features and improving existing features. Highly recommended.

Charles van Veen
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Honestly, it has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure being a part of Invanto. I’ve been really impressed with how Deep, the founder, seeks our feedback and carefully considers everything and then comes up with a plan that is good to everyone! This is a company I am so proud to be a part of!

Also, the platform itself is such a BRILLIANT idea!

The fact that I can partner with Invanto and offer such an amazing platform to my clients and customers makes me walk a little taller and more confidently! I’M ALL IN!! (It feels so good to say that!). Thanks Deep!

Shade Odeinde
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I am very impressed with the ease of working with the membership sites. Because I am not very Techy I have had some issues to get my head around and the support has been awesome. Siddharth has been amazing in the way he has walked me through fixing what I have done wrong, and the way he has done it step by step has given me great confidence in this platform. Nothing has been too hard for him!

I love the way the whole team is open to suggestions and ideas and we can all be confident in this product developing on an ongoing basis. Well done guys GREAT WORK!

Lloyd Portman
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Very happy with the layout of MemberFactory and ease of use. Some definite thought went into the design and functionality. Great Job!

Dean J. Hartmann
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I’ve just been working inside MemberFactory and am way impressed at how easy it is to build a site, switch on the payment gateways, and offer multiple products inside the one site through the combo of member levels and site menu assignments. Combined with DripFeed, and the very cool autoresponder HTML and pixel I’m setting up to use with retargeting across facebook, this one product is extremely comprehensive.

Just wanted to honour the work and incredible thoughtfulness you have put into this.


Martin Longden

I’m just starting out with using this new membership software platform, and very pleased with what I have discovered so far. The training videos are short and to the point and the system is easy to use. But above all, the developers listen to their users and constantly update the system with new features, and the support is top notch. One of the best I have experienced! Every time I use the system, changes have been made, new things are learned, and I’m getting more an more enthusiastic. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Paul Brighton
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I am so encouraged and excited to be using your platform moving forward for my online membership and online courses business! Thank you for all of the amazing and timely support as I get my memberships all set up. Looking forward to the final few features you all plan on releasing here in June and July! Jeremy

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Things are coming together. I like a couple of the new templates. Hope more are coming as they are fun to try to see which one looks best. Keep up the good work!

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